History of the Mason Jar

Welcome to the History of the Mason Jar, a timeline that lays out the many adaptations the common canning jar went through to become the wide-mouthed, multi-purpose glass jar we use today. Canning is an American tradition, since the 1800’s Americans have been preserving family recipes. These heirlooms are part of tradition passed on from generation to generation. Learn here how this tradition was born.

Tamper Evident Packaging: Do you need it?

Packaging safety is a topic all suppliers have to grapple with.  It is paramount consumers are assured product is not jeopardizing health or safety when purchased.  Tamper evident products can be the ideal solution providing peace of mind for suppliers and consumers.  Tamper evident solutions provide real-time feedback if products have been tampered with during shipping or even on store shelves. Continue reading Tamper Evident Packaging: Do you need it?

Tips For Leak-Proof Containers

Amongst Freund Container’s broad offering a selection of “Leak-Proof” containers guaranteed to perform are available.  However, these are often used for industrial applications and are not very attractive.  To help our customers looking for leak-proof performance with style that will standout on the shelf, here are some tips: Continue reading Tips For Leak-Proof Containers