Is your Product Standing Out?

We all have amazing access to innovative product ideas however these packaging ideas often have short life span if not truly different from the rest.  At an almost dizzying pace new thinking and audiences are presented through online releases and shouted from the social mountain tops.  In this fast-paced, volatile environment how are you to make a container that sticks without quickly fading away among the sea of attention grabbers consumers face today? Continue reading Is your Product Standing Out?

Choosing the Perfect Mason Jar

As Canning season begins canners everywhere are stocking up on Mason Jars to preserve their family traditions.  Freund is excited to offer 18 different Mason Jars to suit your individual needs, each with unique features and benefits.  With all these choices how do you choose the Mason Jar perfect for you?  We have provided some tips to help you find the Mason Jar ideal for you. Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Mason Jar