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Convenience, Value, and Bulk Packs

Lowest Price Guarantee

At Freund Container & Supply, we have been serving customers, large and small since 1938.  We proudly ship more in-stock containers than any other company with over 10,000 items in stock every day, no order minimums, and unbeatable customer service.  For all customers, we offer a low-price guarantee regardless of quantity: one case, one pallet, or one truckload.

Which Option is Right for Your Business?

Convenience Pack

Convenience Packs
Convenience Packs give you everything you need in one quick and easy purchase.  Your glass containers will arrive in reusable reshipper boxes complete with internal corrugated dividers that protect your product from damage during storage and shipping.

Our Convenience Packs are ideal if you are looking to purchase in small quantities and need boxes for reshipping.  With convenience packs, there is no need to purchase bottles, boxes and dividers separately, saving you both time and money.  We think that’s a win-win!

Need more information about reshipper packs?

Value Pack

Value Packs

Value Packs offer many of the benefits of our Convenience Packs – but with a larger case pack size and higher minimum order quantity.  Ordering in Value Pack quantities will reduce your price and save you money.  Value Packs include high-quality reusable boxes for reshipping and storage.  Depending upon the product, the carton may include internal dividers to offer additional protection.   Check our website listing for product specific pack-out information.

Bulk Pallet

PalletsBulk packs offer you exceptional value for high quantity orders. Purchase in pallet quantities to increase your savings and decrease your invoice cost.  Item specific pack-out will vary by product – see our website for a description of the pallet configuration for your specific product.

Truck Load

TruckloadFor maximum impact to your bottom line, purchase in truck load quantities and save on your packaging needs.  If you’re looking to purchase in truck load quantities, please request a quote today.

The Meaning of Customer Care at Freund

Customer Care Representative with headset smiling during a telephone conversation

I am a Customer Care Advocate at Freund. And I am one of the lucky people in this world because I love coming to work each day.

As a Customer Care Advocate I help people buy the packaging they need, but I am not just interested in taking your orders. My main focus is *not* to make money for my company or empty our shelves of product; my sights are set on making sure my customer is not only satisfied, but Thrilled.  That is what excites me. And it’s why I love my job. Continue reading The Meaning of Customer Care at Freund

Top 6 Things a Packaging Partner Should Do For You

There are plenty of packaging suppliers that can ship you containers. But running your business smoothly and cost effectively requires much more than a simple shipment. You need a packaging partner. So what differentiates a packaging supplier from a packaging partner? Here are six things you should expect from a packaging supplier to determine if they are the right long-term partner for your business. Continue reading Top 6 Things a Packaging Partner Should Do For You

Atlanta Warehouse Update: A Behind the Scenes Look at Our New Warehouse.

The last month has sped past like a blur, with the construction and preparation of our new Atlanta warehouse moving quickly. We started with a blank space and we’re quickly gearing up for our grand opening just days away. The new warehouse is in southwest Atlanta at 4125 Welcome All Road, Suite 155. Continue reading Atlanta Warehouse Update: A Behind the Scenes Look at Our New Warehouse.

The Largest In-Stock Selection of Containers You’ll Find

Largest In-Stock Selection of Containers

Freund has the largest in-stock selection of containers in the industry. What does this mean? It means that when it comes to your packaging needs, Freund has your back so you can spend more time growing your business. In fact, our reputation for in-stock containers is so strong that even other packaging suppliers come to us when they can’t fill their own customers’ orders. You read that right. Freund is the reliable supplier for other less-reliable packaging suppliers.  Continue reading The Largest In-Stock Selection of Containers You’ll Find

New Year, Hundreds of New Products at Freund




At Freund Container & Supply we strive to provide you products providing the solutions you need with inspiration for the future.  Our team works hard to add amazing new products almost everyday!  It is our job to continue building upon our deep offering of packaging and industrial supplies to support your growing business.  Newest additions bottles, jars, boxes and much more. Continue reading New Year, Hundreds of New Products at Freund

New Products at Freund Container & Supply

New Products at FreundFreund Container & Supply continues to be your resource for more in-stock containers, bar none.  Our broad offering is growing with new eye-catching products nearly everyday.  Regardless of container or use, Freund will find you a solution.  Shop our Amazing selection of new items sure to help you Stand Out.


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