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Mason Jar Inspiration


Ball Mason JarThe 2016 Ball Elite Color Series Canning Jars have us inspired and thinking about new and trending  ways to use the iconic Mason jar – for everything from beverages to décor.  We all know the Ball Mason jars are a go-to choice for canning and fresh preserving.  The classic two-piece vacuum seal lid keeps your food properly preserved by providing a quality seal that makes sure that oxygen doesn’t enter the jar after processing.  But when we look at these beautiful blue Ball Elite Color Series Mason Jars, we can’t help but want them front and center where we can see them and enjoy them all of the time.  Here are three ways to get even more use out of your Mason jars. Continue reading Mason Jar Inspiration

National Canning Day – Keeping Recipes Fresh


Legacy Masor Jar at Freund ContainerTime to start sealing up those mason jars, it is National Canning Day.  Many of us in the Midwest are experiencing our first frost this week which means we have to seal up our treasured recipes keeping them fresh over the harsh winter. Or, if you grew too many tomatoes this season and they haven’t all ripened, canning is the perfect solution to these types of culinary conundrums.

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Choosing the Perfect Mason Jar

As Canning season begins canners everywhere are stocking up on Mason Jars to preserve their family traditions.  Freund is excited to offer 18 different Mason Jars to suit your individual needs, each with unique features and benefits.  With all these choices how do you choose the Mason Jar perfect for you?  We have provided some tips to help you find the Mason Jar ideal for you. Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Mason Jar

History of the Mason Jar

Welcome to the History of the Mason Jar, a timeline that lays out the many adaptations the common canning jar went through to become the wide-mouthed, multi-purpose glass jar we use today. Canning is an American tradition, since the 1800’s Americans have been preserving family recipes. These heirlooms are part of tradition passed on from generation to generation. Learn here how this tradition was born.