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Beer Bottle Buying Guide

Beer Bottle Buying Guide

The recent explosion in micro-brew and craft beer has created great demand for beer bottling supplies – and the market is flush with options. Whether you’re brewing at home or brewing in quantity for your brew pub, it is important that you select the right beer bottle to suit your brew and your personal brand. There are a variety of options in beer bottling to fulfill your growing needs and delight your customers.
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Opening soon…Our new Atlanta Warehouse!

Freund's Atlanta Warehouse

We’re excited to announce the opening of our newest warehouse in Atlanta, GA in early 2016! The warehouse represents our significant investment in serving customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before. If you’re in a southeast location, then our Atlanta warehouse means you’ll see concrete improvements your shipping speed and cost. But it’s not just the southeast that will benefit. Our increased capacity will award all of our customers with elevated service. Continue reading Opening soon…Our new Atlanta Warehouse!

Introducing Quick Reorder – Place Repeat Orders…Fast!

Do you need packaging or containers often?  Then you will love our new Online Quick Reorder Feature!  Placing repeat orders is time consuming and at Freund we know how valuable every minute of your day is.  We strive everyday to Thrill our customers with an experience that is easy, making their purchasing a breeze.

Time consuming purchasing efforts are a thing of the past with the introduction of our Quick Reorder button! What is Quick Reorder? By clicking the Quick Reorder button, you can add one, some or all of the items from a previous order to your shopping cart with one click. It’s really easy and really fast!

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Does Your Packaging Design Tell a Story?

openbookA story remains the most powerful way to persuade, but how can packaging tell a story?  Often it is this story that drives more value to one object even though two objects are offering the same product or service.  Reflex answer for most is ‘brand’ but the story in the end becomes the true unfair advantage.  All things even bottles, jars, jugs, and vials can have a story! Continue reading Does Your Packaging Design Tell a Story?