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Introducing Quick Reorder – Place Repeat Orders…Fast!

Do you need packaging or containers often?  Then you will love our new Online Quick Reorder Feature!  Placing repeat orders is time consuming and at Freund we know how valuable every minute of your day is.  We strive everyday to Thrill our customers with an experience that is easy, making their purchasing a breeze.

Time consuming purchasing efforts are a thing of the past with the introduction of our Quick Reorder button! What is Quick Reorder? By clicking the Quick Reorder button, you can add one, some or all of the items from a previous order to your shopping cart with one click. It’s really easy and really fast!

Quick Reorder works in conjunction with your online account at Freund Container. If you don’t have an account, it is free and simple to set one up. Once set up, be sure to sign in before placing your order. You will be reminded to do this right when you begin to checkout. Once an order is placed, it is saved in your order history and can be repeated anytime with Quick Reorder.

Let’s step through the Quick Reorder process:

Step 1. Sign In to your account
The log-in button can be found at the top of the page.
Step 1 Sign In

At the Sign In page, enter your email address and password and click “Sign In using our secure server”
Step 2 Enter Email and Password

Step 2. Order History
Once Signed In you’ll be taken to your Order History page displaying previous orders placed online. Find the Order Number you want to repeat and click on it to see the products placed in that order.
Step 3 Order History

Step 3. Select items to reorder
Use the radio button next to each item to select or de-select it from Quick Reorder. You can select as few or as many items as you’d like. Once your items are selected, click the Quick Reorder button to add them to your cart.

Step 4 Choose the items you want to reorder

It’s that easy! Now you can checkout, continue to shop or go back to your Order History and choose items from a different order to add to your cart. We’re sure Quick Reorder will save you valuable time and make the ordering process easier. But in case you run into trouble, here are some FAQs to help:

When I sign in to My Account, I do not see my Order History
Your Order History is built each time you are signed in to your account and place an online order. If you are not seeing your previous orders, you may not have been signed in when you placed the order or you may have placed the order over the phone. At this time, phone orders are not eligible for Quick Reorder.

I can’t remember my password
If you can’t remember your password, we’ll send a new one to the email address we have on file. Just click the “forgot password” link on the Sign In page. A box should pop up and prompt you to enter your email address. Then you can choose to “Show Hint” to remind you of your existing password, or “Email me a new password” to have your password reset.
Please note: some email providers may send your password reset email to your junk folder. Please check both your email Inbox and your email Junk folders.

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