Case Packed or Bulk Packed Containers – Which is right for your business?

At Freund, we proudly serve customers of all sizes. Often, that means an entrepreneur working out of her home or a startup purchasing containers in small quantities. For larger customers, this may mean buying multiple cases or pallets of our products. If you’re in the latter group, then you should know the difference between purchasing our case packed containers vs. purchasing our bulk packed containers.

So, what exactly is the difference between buying a pallet of case packed containers vs. buying a pallet of bulk packed containers? The answer is in the outer packaging.

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Introducing Quick Reorder – Place Repeat Orders…Fast!

Do you need packaging or containers often?  Then you will love our new Online Quick Reorder Feature!  Placing repeat orders is time consuming and at Freund we know how valuable every minute of your day is.  We strive everyday to Thrill our customers with an experience that is easy, making their purchasing a breeze.

Time consuming purchasing efforts are a thing of the past with the introduction of our Quick Reorder button! What is Quick Reorder? By clicking the Quick Reorder button, you can add one, some or all of the items from a previous order to your shopping cart with one click. It’s really easy and really fast!

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What Is High Performance Packaging?

High Performance Packaging provides customers with the highest level of product protection and added value via quality, functionality, usability, and design.  Popular applications include shipping and stocking fine chemicals, APIs and intermediates as well as finished products in powder, tablet, and paste format.  Packaging falling into this category is comprised of heavier gram weight polyethelene mated with specialized caps such as leakproof, tamper-evident, vent, and/or all of the above.  High Performance Packaging is backed by quality assurance programs including a variety of certifications to ensure your product is packaged properly.  A popular type of high performance packaging are primary rated UN containers which comply with UN guidelines found in the 49CFR.

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How To Choose Your Shrink Bands

Shrink Bands are often that final piece when completing your packaging project.  Choosing the right band is not always easy…don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some tips on Shrink Band selection at Freund.  We have many choices but want to make this step simple allowing you to finish with a product that is safe and acceptable for retail.

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New Year, Hundreds of New Products at Freund




At Freund Container & Supply we strive to provide you products providing the solutions you need with inspiration for the future.  Our team works hard to add amazing new products almost everyday!  It is our job to continue building upon our deep offering of packaging and industrial supplies to support your growing business.  Newest additions bottles, jars, boxes and much more. Continue reading New Year, Hundreds of New Products at Freund

31 Days of Savings this December

Coming in December… 31 Days of Savings on your favorite items.  We’re putting one of our popular items on sale each day in December at savings up to 70%.  You’ll find bale wire jars, open top cans, storage solutions, sauce bottles, safety equipment and more! Sign up for emails to receive a weekly reminder of sale items for the week or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#Freund31Days) to see the latest deal each day.  Here is a sneak peek of our 31 Days of Savings:

Freund 31 Days of Savings this December


December 1:  6.7” x 7.3” Round Holiday Tin (offer online only)

December 2 : 16 oz Glass Bale Wire Growler Bottles

December 3: 12 oz PET Beverage Bottle

December 4: Coin Collection Can

December 5: 32 oz Glass Legacy Canning Jar

December 6: 8 oz Round Seamless Window Tin

December 7: 1 oz LDPE Dropper Bottle (offer online only)

December 8: 12 oz Glass Beer Bottle (offer online only)

December 9: 12 oz PET Sauce Bottle

December 10: 32 oz Steel Unlined Paint Can

December 11: 12 oz PET Bullet Bottle

December 12: 67 oz Glass Airseal Jar w/Blue Lid

December 13: 20/410 Press Top Cap

December 14: 17 oz PET Water Bottle (offer online only)

December 15: 211 x 400 Steel Open Top Can (offer online only)

December 16: 5 oz Aluminum Scoop

December 17: 5 ml Graduated Oral Dispenser

December 18: 1.25 oz Glass Round Jar

December 19: 50 ml PET Liquor Bottle

December 20: Mirage Safety Glasses

December 21: 5 ml Clear PS Jar (offer online only)

December 22: 11 oz Caulking Tube (offer online only)

December 23: 44 Drawer Small Parts Cabinet

December 24: 128 oz HDPE F-Style Container (offer online only)

December 25 & 26: 12 Gallon Holiday Storage Box (Dec 25 online only)

December 27: 5 oz Glass Hot Sauce Bottle

December 28: 5 Gallon HDPE Pail (offer online only)

December 29: 8 oz Glass Boston Round Bottle (offer online only)

December 30: 3 oz PP Spice Jar

December 31: 7 oz PET Square Airseal Jar


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#HandcraftedHolidays Giveaway

Are you looking for homemade gift ideas for the holidays?  Freund Container has paired with nine of the best food bloggers around for a assembly of homemade goodies to inspire your own #HandcraftedHoliday this year.  When it comes to homemade gifts, packaging can make or break your first impression.  With the right bottle or jar, a bit of ribbon, and a small embellishment (a bell, small ornament or sprig of pine), your homemade gift can go from good to great! Continue reading #HandcraftedHolidays Giveaway

Thankful for Big Savings

Big Savings, Up to $50 Off at Freund

Freund Container & Supply is handing out Big Savings to kick-off the holiday season!  Up to $50 off but act soon as the savings end 11/27/13.  Orders of $250 or more can use promotional code NOV25 to save $25.  Orders of $50 or more can use promotional code NOV50 to save $50!  Start Shopping Now

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