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How are Glass Bottles Recycled?

Glass Bottles are part of everyday life and often times taken for granted.   To many of us we only see them for the soda, tea, ketchup, etc…they hold but glass is an amazing product being brought back to life time and time again.  You may have an idea how glass recycling works but seeing the fabulous process in action has been experienced by few.  Watch this amazing video from NPR as glass is used, collected, melted together, and formed into a new bottle! Continue reading How are Glass Bottles Recycled?

Is your Product Standing Out?

We all have amazing access to innovative product ideas however these packaging ideas often have short life span if not truly different from the rest.  At an almost dizzying pace new thinking and audiences are presented through online releases and shouted from the social mountain tops.  In this fast-paced, volatile environment how are you to make a container that sticks without quickly fading away among the sea of attention grabbers consumers face today? Continue reading Is your Product Standing Out?