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Get a Fresh Look with New Cosmetic Containers

New Arrivals Cosmetic Containers

Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, and get ready to spice things up with new cosmetic containers from Freund!  We know what you’ve been looking for, and we are up the challenge to be the One Stop Container Shop – for all of your health, beauty, and cosmetic containers.

One-Touch Dispensing Bottle 

One-Touch Dispensing Bottle Cosmetic ContainersWhen it comes to dispensing liquids like make-up remover or acetone, you want cosmetic containers that are quick, easy, and keep things neat and clean…and our one-touch dispensing bottle delivers!  This 5 oz bottle is available in natural colored polypropylene (PP) plastic and features a locking flip top cap.  Gently push down on the disc dispenser and your product will rise to the surface instantly allowing you to collect it on a cotton ball or pad.  When not in use, the pump locks in the up position.

Lip Stick TubeLip Stick Tube

Joining our lip gloss tubes, lip balm tubes and filling trays, we now stock lip stick tubes!  These designer tubes sport a slim design with a metal shell and cap.  A silver metal band marks the split between the tube and the cap.  The plastic inner tube can be twisted to extend and retract the product inside and features the classic angled lip stick applicator shape.

Mascara Tube

Mascara TubeThis clear tube allows you to see the contents as you fill, to avoid the mess of over filling.  Each mascara tube includes a clear tube, black wiper, black cap, and a black thick bristle wand brush.  Your customers will love the thick lush brush that is included with the tube.  This style brush is designed to give natural, lush lashes and offer both coverage and length.  The brush works at any angle, letting you get to even the hardest to reach lashes.  The included wiper clears any excess mascara when the brush is removed from the tube, allowing just the right amount left on the brush for flawless application.

Cosmetic Containers Go Green!

Green Glass Dropper Bottle

Our 4 oz green glass Boston Round dropper bottle is a functional Green Glass Dropper Bottleand beautiful container to house your liquid cosmetics, essential oils, and aromatherapy products.  The unique color and high quality glass construction is bound to impress and give your products a high-end appeal.  The glass pipette dropper includes a black polypropylene cap.  This 4 oz green Boston Round Bottle is also available with a black phenolic cap.

Green Plastic Straight Sided Jars

Green Plastic Straight Sided JarLooking for a jar with the appearance of glass, but with the strength of plastic?  Look no further than our green PET plastic straight sided jars.  These durable, impact resistant jars are perfect for personal care products such as bath salts, creams and balms.  The green color even offers partial UV resistance to the product housed inside.  Our green PET jars feature black polypropylene caps and are available in 4 sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, or 32 oz.

What are we missing?  Let us know what you’d like to see added to our selection.

Frosted Boston Round Bottles


The Boston Round bottle is one of the most recognizable container shapes on the shelf.  The Boston Round has withstood the test of time due to the wide variety of products it can contain.  Once used primarily for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications, you can find Boston Round bottles being used for just about anything, from medicinal to cosmetic to barbecue sauce or cold brew coffee.  It’s safe to say that the Boston Round bottle is here to stay!

What’s New?


We aren’t ones to questioFrosted Boston Round Bottlesn success, so we have added to our already broad assortment of Boston Round bottles and are proud to introduce a new line of Frosted Boston Round bottles.  These new frosted bottles are made with Type III Soda Lime Silica Glass – known for being non-porous and smooth as well as being chemically inert and recyclable.  Our frosted bottles really stand out for the quality of the soda lime glass construction.  The frosted finish is applied through acid etching, which provides the highest quality application for frosted glass.

New Options for Boston Round Bottles

These bottles are available with several options.  Our frosted amber bottles provide UV filtering properties that are perfect for protecting light-sensitive materials, such as essential oils.  Blue frosted glass bottles give a striking splash of color.  And if you’re looking for something with a simple, classic appeal you can go for the traditional frosted bottles. These are clear bottles frosted to appear white.

All three color options are available with or without a cap.  Choose your own cap to create your custom packaging or select our pre-kitted items for your convenience.  Kitted bottles come complete with a black phenolic cap with a pulp & vinyl liner.

Bottles are available in 0.5 oz, 1 oz and 2 oz capacities.

Which Boston Round bottle option is your favorite?



Wine Bottle Buying Guide

Wine Bottle Buying Guide

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This isn’t only true for people, it’s true for packaging, too. If you’re in the wine industry, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of wine bottles and closures on the market. Our wine bottle buying guide can help you navigate through the wine aisle with ease.
Continue reading Wine Bottle Buying Guide

How are Glass Bottles Recycled?

Glass Bottles are part of everyday life and often times taken for granted.   To many of us we only see them for the soda, tea, ketchup, etc…they hold but glass is an amazing product being brought back to life time and time again.  You may have an idea how glass recycling works but seeing the fabulous process in action has been experienced by few.  Watch this amazing video from NPR as glass is used, collected, melted together, and formed into a new bottle! Continue reading How are Glass Bottles Recycled?

Types & Terminology – Glass Containers

Chances are good that glass containers never receive a second thought, but simply sat in your refrigerator or medicine cabinet or on the pantry shelf.  Knowing your glass bottles, jars, jugs, and vials is important if containers are your business!  At Freund we love Glass and are taking a moment to share our knowledge about glass types and terminology.  Freund Container is an industry leader when it comes to glass with the broadest selection at unbeatable prices.

Types of Glass: Glass containers are made from silica sand, soda ash, limestone, alumina and other additives as needed. There are three different types of glass.

Type I – A borosilicate formulation, this type is usually reserved for parenteral (injectable) products, particularly those that are alkaline in nature. It is 10 times more durable than soda glass.

Type II – A soda-lime glass treated with sulfur in the annealing phase to reduce alkali solubility. It is used for parenterals – sometimes alkaline, but more likely acidic or neutral.

Type III – A regular soda lime (flint) glass that has been tested and shown to be at or below a specified extractives level. It is intended for more sensitive products, but usually is not used for parenterals.

Glass Container Terminology: Blown glass containers tend to fall into two categories: Narrow Neck and Wide Mouth Jars. Most commonly glass is found in two different colors, flint – clear or amber – brown color. Also, glass can be found in cobalt blue or sometimes with a greenish tint. There are secondary processes that can be done to frost the glass or tint custom colors. As with most packaging forms, there’s a distinct terminology associated with blown glass containers. Each term will be explained and Figure 1 diagrams the locations of the points that will be explained.

Sealing Surface – The flat, circular top surface of the finish in which the closure will form a seal. It’s also termed the “land”. If this is not flat, the container could leak.

Finish – The top part of the container, above the neck, shaped to accommodate a specific closure.

Thread – A small spiral-shaped protruding glass ridge on the finish of a container intended to mesh with a similarly sized screw-type closure to seal the container.

Neck – That portion of the container that is above the shoulder and below the finish. The neck is where the cross-section of the bottle grows smaller to join the finish.

Neck Ring or Bead – Protruding ring just above the neck-ring parting line. All glass bottles have this so they can be removed from the machine.

Mold Seam – The slight vertical ridge of glass that runs through the neck ring and the rest of the finish. The seam indicates where two halves of the finish molds were joined.

Shoulder – That part of the bottle between the main body and the neck.

Body The main part of the bottle where the sidewalls are usually vertical.

Bottom – The entire lower part of the bottle below the sidewalls. The bottom includes the heel, base and push-up. The bottom may have letters and symbols molded into it that indicate the number of the mold cavity that produced the container and the manufacturer. The manufacturer symbol is called a “punt mark”. The bottom also may have a small projection that serves as a registration device for labeling and decorating equipment. The device also can take the form of a small recess along the heel of the container. This is also a good spot for a customer name or company logo.

Heel – That lower part of the bottle where the glass in the sidewall turns from vertical to horizontal. The heel joins the sidewall to the bottom-bearing surface and may have a small recessed spot that serves as a registration device for labeling and decorating equipment.

Base – An even bearing surface that forms a ring around the outside of the bottom upon which the bottle rests. This ring usually is given a stippled finish in the mold to mask scratches that occur during handling and concentrate abrasions on the stronger high points of this raised pattern, thus, preventing the container from being weakened. The base is inside and underneath the heel and surrounds the push-up.

Push-up – An inward dome in the center of the base. The resulting ring around the outside of the bottom provides an even bearing surface upon which the bottle rests.

What is your favorite glass container?  Share your ideas and company products with us!