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What Is High Performance Packaging?

High Performance Packaging provides customers with the highest level of product protection and added value via quality, functionality, usability, and design.  Popular applications include shipping and stocking fine chemicals, APIs and intermediates as well as finished products in powder, tablet, and paste format.  Packaging falling into this category is comprised of heavier gram weight polyethelene mated with specialized caps such as leakproof, tamper-evident, vent, and/or all of the above.  High Performance Packaging is backed by quality assurance programs including a variety of certifications to ensure your product is packaged properly.  A popular type of high performance packaging are primary rated UN containers which comply with UN guidelines found in the 49CFR.

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Tips For Leak-Proof Containers

Amongst Freund Container’s broad offering a selection of “Leak-Proof” containers guaranteed to perform are available.  However, these are often used for industrial applications and are not very attractive.  To help our customers looking for leak-proof performance with style that will standout on the shelf, here are some tips: Continue reading Tips For Leak-Proof Containers