What Is High Performance Packaging?

High Performance Packaging provides customers with the highest level of product protection and added value via quality, functionality, usability, and design.  Popular applications include shipping and stocking fine chemicals, APIs and intermediates as well as finished products in powder, tablet, and paste format.  Packaging falling into this category is comprised of heavier gram weight polyethelene mated with specialized caps such as leakproof, tamper-evident, vent, and/or all of the above.  High Performance Packaging is backed by quality assurance programs including a variety of certifications to ensure your product is packaged properly.  A popular type of high performance packaging are primary rated UN containers which comply with UN guidelines found in the 49CFR.

Need Help finding High Performance Packaging

Freund offers one of America’s largest lines of High Performance Packaging.  Freund stocks a wide variety of leak-proof containers (from Nalgene and Kautex), primary rated UN containers, UN 4G systems, sterile containers, and specialty vials for dynamic applications.  Freund is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Kautex GMHB – the world-wide leader in HPP products.  Freund stocks the entire line of Kautex HPP products.  Below you will find some of our most popular High Performance items or visit us Online at www.freundcontainer.com to shop our amazing selection.

Nalgene Leak-proof Containers

 nalgene1 nalgene2 nalgene3 nalgene4 nalgene5

Kautex UN Rated & Leak-proof Containers

Kautex offers a wide variety of HPP closures too, many are tamper evident, vented for outgassing of VOCs, or provided with an inner PTFE cup liner for added corrosion resistance.  Freund & Kautex offer America’s most rugged and durable containers – by far!

kautex1 kautex2 Kautex Graduated Leak Proof Plastic Bottles - PP Kautex Wide Mouth Leak Proof Plastic Jars - HDPE Kautex Plastic Wash Bottles - LDPE kautex6 Baritainer® Heavy Duty Jerrycan Plastic Containers - HDPE kautex8 Kautex Graduated Leak Proof Plastic Carboys - HDPE

Co-Extruded, Multi-layer, Barrier Bottles

Clearly, these are the Juggernauts of industrial container universe – Kautex’s EVOH multi-layer, COEX bottle designed for the most demanding applications: caustic contents, outgassing of the most volatile VOCs, and its barrier provides iron-clad protection from oxygen permutation.  Need something bulletproof?  Look no further.

Kautex UN-Approved Agrochemical Leak Proof Plastic Bottles - HDPE & Barrier Coextruded Kautex UN-Approved Agrochemical Leak Proof Plastic Jerrycans HDPE & Barrier Coextruded

Need Help with a Big Order of High Performance Packaging?  Call Freund at 800.363.9822 to speak with one of our experts or Click Here to Request a Quote.

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